The lights of Reykjavik
The lights of Reykjavik

Arriving in Iceland

The night was just magnificent when I arrived. There was no cloud in the sky and the hint of brightness on the horizon was the promise of a new summer with bright nights. We are getting there. 

The amazing thing is how rapidly the change happens from the short winter days to a day with almost 24 hours of brightness. Around the summer solstice, the sun sets just after midnight and is rising again at 3 am. There is no darkness at any time because the sun is just under the horizon during this time.

So close to equinox, the days get longer by about six minutes per day. So, within only few weeks I will go to sleep and wake up in brightness. I got used to this fairly quickly when I moved to Iceland in 1989 and I have always enjoyed to go to sleep in brightness. It is as if you would sneak to have a nice nap in the middle of the day.

The temperatures don't change so dramatically, however. 

When I grabbed a trolley on the airport to put my bags on it was obvious that it had just been brought in from the parking lot. There was still a crust of frozen snow on the handle. The temperature outside was just below zero. But because it was quite calm it was fresh and crisp rather than cold and miserable. 


 20170409 kef20170410 moonLeft: The lights of Keflavik, to the right in the background is Vogar, to the left is Sandgerdi, our town and Gardur a bit farther away.

Right: The moon over the southwest Icelandic "land's end"

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