Amazing how the mind works. I have kept all my power tools in my study during the past years. Then, when I came home for a "working visit" I chose those I was going to use that time to the shed. 

On Thurdsay I neded the circular saw and then I saw also the hand planer. Before grabbing it I contemplated if I had the time to use it this time before I left. So, I thought if I could safe myself the hasske of taking something out and then in again in a week becaus ei would be leaving again. But I am not leaving :-)

The days have been very windy, dry and cold. The top soil layer is actually even frozen! The daphodils will be blooming in perhaps two more weeks. There are some bluebells who are actually just about to bloom.

I used the day yesterday to tend to a lot of the shrubs in front of the house. We have four blackcurrant shrubs which have not been properly renewed and there is some rose bush all over the place. I look forward using the chipper to shred all those branches to use as mulch under the shrubs.

The container is due to arrive on Tuesday, but I assume that I won´t be able to collect my stuff until the end of next week at the earliest. Well, I´ll find something to do in the meantime.  



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