Back to reality

Back to reality

Yesterday brought us back to the "real" Iceland, as raw as it is - well sometimes... 

A quite heavy but quick storm crossed the country from southeast. Freyja was going to leave for Florida in the evening to collect fligt hours for her Commercial Pilot Licence but her flight was cancelled. This being Iceland (and the operator WOW air), her next flight might be on Wednesday or even as late as Friday! Hmm, I wonder if it would not be cheaper for them to charter a plane quickly instead of paying for all the passengers to stay at hotels for days.

Due to Freyja's connections into the flying business she knows the reason for the delay. Apparently a trolley for luggage or something else was blown into the fuselage of the plane, leaving a gash in its hull! In airport language this is just called "technical issue" but behind all those words are of course stories and at times pure tragedies. I would not want to be that staff member who was responsible for not securing that trolley properly...

At least noone was hurt even though hundreds of passengers' lives are now being disrupted in a more or less inconvenient way.

Well, the sun shines again today and the weather says innocently: "Me? Behaving badly?? How could you even thingk of such nonsense!"

[Update: WOW air chatered a 747 to bring all stranded passengers home on Wednesday, all good].


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