Found a Fish!

When I went walking the dogs yesterday on our field the storm had gone down. The sea was still quite wild as it happens quite often, particularly after a westerly storm.

The dogs have a huge amount of toys all over the place and they usually grab just any of them randomly and bring it to play with.

But I saw immediately that Mjöll didn't have a regular toy in her mouth. She acted very differently, avoided me and ran around as if she was doing a victory lap.

Upon closer examination I saw the reason. She had no toy, but food (well, according to her understanding anyway)... I tried to get her to leave the fish but that was not negotiable. 

At the end I managed to hinder her bringing this delicacy into our home and it is now hopefully transforming into marvellous compost. 

The fish she found is called Lumpfish:

Prepared properly and of course fresh from the sea, the fish is considered a delicacy in Iceland. The male is usually smoked or cooked in water. Together with its liver it is one of the traditional spring treats. The female fish is usually dried to some degree and boiled. I salivate just writing this...

DSC 0756

Sadly the sound doe not come through...

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