Beach Tour

After the amazingly sunny day yesterday it was colder and a notch more windy. We took Nils and Mjöll out for a walk. It was low tide and I wanted also to check the beach for new driftwood. 

The walk was lovely. The large light is still there, waiting to be collected. I wonder if I should tie it with a rope and wait for the next flood when the log is afloat and I can get it closer in order to drag it away.

We allowed Nils to swim and he enjoyed it mightily. The ducks were still not ready to engage in a discurse with him as much as he begged. Coming back we made a new experiment, to dip them in the hot tub (with cold water of course). But they were terrified! 

So, the sea is no problem but the pot is a dangerous pit.... Who understands that?!

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