Living a versatile life

When I was Academic Registrar at Newbold I liked to wear nice shirts. Often put on a colourful tie and sometimes even cufflinks. My hands were smooth and spotless. 

The weather was foreseeable and most of the time really comfortable, except in the middle of summer and winter. 

Now, I live a totally different life. Although I wear often gloves, may hands are never fully clean as there is always some stuff that seeps deeply into the pores and tends to stay for a while. I do wear nice clothes, but only when I go to town or when I have a work day at the computer. But the ties are getting a rest.

My interactions with people have also changed. On Friday night I assisted a farmer to drag a rusty old Zetor tractor a few miles. There was not so much of that kind in England.

We do though have guests over quite often. Every day during the past four days. Yesterday for instance my youngest son Steini and Bella came over for the whole day. It was very nice to have them. But instead of sitting in the living room sipping tea, we worked.

Bella raked a lot of old grass I had cut a few days before and Steini and I repaired their car. A few hours later, the car was on the road again. Always a nice feeling of achievement. 



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