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For quite some time we have spoken about using the resources around us for food. There are two plants extremely well growing on our property to the point of being a nuisance. 

However, interestingly, both have a long history of being used for food!

The more known is Angelica. Every part of the time plant is supposedly edible. Hence the name Wild Celery. Here is a Wikipedia entry.

I dug up some roots and took young stems and leaves.

The other one is Chervil. We have added young stems and leaves to salads for some time. It gives a very nice taste reminding of licorice or anise. 

This time I put it all together into a soup, together with carrots, onions, some rice and beef stock. The result was delicious! Actually, I even added a few pieces of rhubarb to the soup! 

At the same time I made experiments with different mixtures of rhubarb and chervil but I need to keep on with that, the result was not satisfactory except for the red rhubarb compote which was delicious, just a hint too sweet though. 

But the hit was angelica. The leaves have a very string steel and I recommend nit to overdose on them but the root is just lovely. It does remind of celeriac but it is milder. Autumn is the right time to harvest roots and I am sure I will do so. They can be frozen and dried and they are actually a quite valuable resource.

I don't have a recipie for the bread rolls. It was a mixture of wheat flour, rolled oats and wholegrain spelt. I will try to keep better track of these bread endeavours and share recipes. 

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