Preparing another move

No, no, I am not moving house again. And yet!? We will be moving a house!

Precisely 13 years ago we built our little summer house on Thora's family's land. We spent many good hours there and actually, we even lived there in the autumn of 2013, before we could move in out house here in Flankastadir. That was an interesting experience and we have good memories.

Last summer I made the foundation for the cabin on our land. A specialict firm assessed the possibility to make the move about a year ago and they don't worry at all about the weight. The road is another story. it is old and quite weak. moreover, they will need to haul the house whilst standing on grass. This can only be done when the soil is as dry as possible. This means that we are basically hoping for a dry spell of 3-4 weeks, preferrably a drought. But those of you who know Iceland know that of possible weather conditions, a drought is probably the least likely one. We will see.

The moving distance is less then 200m in a direct line, so if we calculate the cost per metre this might be a mighty expensive move...


ds lausnir 

Not sure they will bring this monster for the move...


bustadur 2004

Here we have just finished the house. Later we discovered that we had to add a cladding because the rain wept through the walls since it rains from all directions here (probably sometimes even from underneath)

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