A Short Rhubarbology

We have a quite nice patch of vigorously growing rhubarb. Firtstly we/I didn't pay it a lot of attention. I might have harvested a few stems every now and then but nothing more. A year ago or so I discovered that there are two or more different kinds growing there. But it was not until I saw the RHS Wisley rhubarb collection with more than 50 different kinds that my interest was kindled.

Whilst still in England, I started collecting different crowns (that's the correct name for rhubarb roots for propagation) in order to plant them here. Having a variety of named rhubarbs would then also give me the possibility to perhaps determine the name of our current kinds. Some of the crowns have now started to grow, but it will only be next year when we can see someting significant happening.

In the meantime I have mapped the different plants and made a short description for later reference. I will take the largest roots apart and spread them a bit better so they have enough room to expand.

Whilst reading I discovered at least two common misconceptions about rhubarb.

  1. Although being used exclusively for sweet dishes, rhugarb is (of course) a vegetable.
  2. There is no correlation between colour and sweetness. One of the most popular and delicious kinds is Victoria, which has no shade of red in the stem.
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