New Potatoes

Last week I checked our potatoes and we seem to have a really good crop this year!

DSC 0028 2

I bought two types of organic seed potatoes in RHS Wisley and brought them home in April. I got Colleen and Maris Bard. Before planting them, I prepared the soil with enriched biochar, that was in fact my first attempt to do that. Biochar is similar to charcoal, but it is prepared slightly differently and has thus differrent properties. But that is for another time...

So, I took only from one plant (Colleen, which is an early potato) and left the rest untouched, but it seems that we could harvest the entire crop already! However, I will not do it yet, because we have not yet a good storage for them. The cellar, whilst having (still) a mood floor, is too warm because the hotwater intake and manifold is there. We do, however, have an old well, which is about four meters deep. I am planning to make a kind of a cage which can be hauled up and down, just above the water level. I assume that would make a perfect cold storage for our potatoes and any other root crop we are hoping to have.

DSC 0030 2

New potatoes in the pot and a nice sourdough loaf in the oven...


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