The Most Spectacular Move

It is done! This morning just after eleven a crew of three men came with a very robust crane and a lorry. The move went much better that anyone dared to hope. The most tricky part was to get the lorry up a slope with a turn. They had planned to come with an all-wheel driven lorry, but that broke down on the way. So they had to use this one which was not as well equipped for this kind of terrain. But all went well anyway. The driver competes in rallies and that might have contributed to the success.


DSC 0039

Just a moment before it all began

DSC 0055

Relieved to see that the crane didn't sink into the soil... But would the house hold???

DSC 0079

Yes, it did! Here it is already on the lorry, ready to go. The way up was tricky though and only the third attempt was a success.

DSC 0091

That is by far the largest delivery we ever received

DSC 0099

Here it is, neatly placed on the foundation blocks. I was totally exhaused after this, even though I didn't do any manual labour. The anticipation, the excitement and finally the relief took quite some energy. 


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