La Taupinière

Last night we arrived in Moléson, in the heart of Gruyère country in Switzerland. We are here in our first airbnb experience in an absolutely marvellous chalet. The silence in the night was almost deafening... In the morning we heard the bells and moos of cows nearby. Just lovely. 

DSC 0023 3

La Taupiniere bathed in the late-summer sun.

DSC 0020 3

Can you see the top station on Mt Moléson? There is a nice more than 3 km ski slope from there. Looking forward to trying it out.


DSC 0013 4

If you like cheese you ought to want to know more about it. On Moléson there is a traditional mountain cheese hut, where you can take a peek. The cheese maker is very friendly and explains what he is doing, in French, so you can improve your listening skills as well ;-)
But they do provide booklets with information in English and German for those who prefer. By the way, the cottage cheese we were given to taste was amazingly different from the stuff you would get in shops! 

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