A journey back in time

Have you ever dreamt of time-travelling? I most certainly have. I still remember how fascinated I was when I saw the film Back to the Future. Of course it was nonsense, but the mere thought of being able to visit another time period did fascinate me - and still does.

Well, this past week I had the opportunity to get as close as possible to time-travelling. I was able to follow Joe Malmede back to 1945. 

Joe was then here in Iceland as a young soldier for some seven months. Last week he came back, 72 years later, to show his wife Marie and two of his daughters and their husbands where some key events took place in his life. It was my privilege and pleasure to be their assistant and guide. Amongst the things we did is to visit the very site where his camp and his barrack was. We might have stood precisely on the foundation of that hut. At least, we found the water tower he drew so nicely detailed in this drawing.


It was amazing to see how Joe's memories came back after more than 70 years. Even though his body strength was not the same as it was all those years ago, his eyes were just the same as we could see in the photos from back then, as well as his humour. 

Another remarkable moment was when we visited the War and Peace Museum where we were given a special tour by Gaui, the owner of the collection.

DSC 0031 5 

Gaui is here admiring the drawings and photos Joe had brought with him. Joe´s story and copies of the pictures will now be conserved in the museum for all future.

DSC 0032 5

The military aspect was interesting, but even more remarkable was his visit in this church.

DSC 0010 4

It was here, in 1945 that Joe attended for the first time a service in a Seventh-day Adventist Church. On his way to deployment in Iceland he had learned about the Church and when he arrived he decided to become an Adventist. It was only later that he got to know that he could even find fellow believers here in Iceland and so it was he came to this church. He has very fond memories from that time and he mentions particularly the warmth and hospitality of his Icelandic fellow believers. 


DSC 0011 4

Joe sharing his memories from 1945 in Reykjavik Adventist church with his daughter Jeanie and son in-law Kris.

I thank the Malmedes for allowing me to be part of this remarkable endeavour.




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