During most winters we have low pressure areas coming over Iceland with amazing precision. Normally, they would bring 2-3 storms per week, with regularly veering and rising winds and very fluctuating temperatures from just below zero sometimes up to more than 10 degrees centigrade. This rhythm of "autumn lows" as we call them would start some time in November and last until spring. 

Now, however, the weather has been stable from almost a week, which is quite strange. We have had quite strong northerly winds here in the southwest. The wind is very dry, so even though it is below zero, it actually cleans away the snow, it is freeze-dryed, if you want. Where there is ice, it stays and actually, the ice on our pond is getting nicely thick now. Good for skating.

DSC 0005 5


Even the salty seawater is freezin in the puddles between the rocks, so when I walk the dog I need to stay mostly in the sand of the beach. The rocks and the seaweed are too slippery.

DSC 0010 5

In the northern part of the country it has been snowing a lot and many mountain roads are closed. Therefore I assume that many tourists are marooned somewhere, experiencing the amazing force of Icelandic nature.

When I moved to Iceland now soon 30 years ago I enjoyed the adventures of high snow difts and the hassle of getting stuck with my car or helping others to get their car out of snow drifts. But now, I am actually pleased not to have that hassle anymore. Admittedly, it is really cold in these winds here, but at least we can travel. I am sure many tourists and newcomers to Iceland have the time of their lives being snowed in in the valleys of the North...

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